15 Surprising Ways To Boost Your Immune System


Your lifestyle and the foods you choose to eat play a big part in the healthiness of your immune system and poor choices can have a negative can effect on the functionality of your immune system. We need out immune systems to be working properly so that our bodies can fight off germs, viruses, and severe illnesses like cancer.It’s never too late to start taking better care of your immune systemso that it can do its job of looking after you. Check out these 15 surprising ways to boost your immune system.

1.Don’t worry, be happy

Be happy – rd.com

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Surprisingly, studies have shown that if we have a positive attitude to life it’s likely that are immune systems are stronger than people who a negative and see the glass has half empty. According to psychological studies happier people are less likely to develop colds when exposed to cold viruses,and people who described themselves as less happy with their lives were almost three times more likely to get ill. The people with a positive outlook produce of the protein cytokine that attracts immunity cells that help to fight off infections.