20 Surprising Uses of Coca Cola


Coke was first introduced by a coca cola company in 1886. You may believe it or not but coke is undoubtedly the world’s favorite soft drink. And it is more useful than you might think.What you didn’t know is that is your favorite drink can be used for a lot more than just drinking. There are dozens of alternative uses for coca cola.But we are rarely aware of some surprising alternative uses of coca cola. These 20 uses of coca cola will tell you that how much it is surprising for you.

20.Make Flowers Last Longer

Make Flowers Last Longer-www.indiatimes.com

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Yes, it’s true that coca cola can help the flower to last longer. Because of sugar in coca cola, it can help the beautiful and fresh flowers to hold on to the life for a little longer. To give bouquet a longer life then you just need to add a quarter cup of coca cola along with some water. This needs to be added in the vase in order to make the bouquet blooms the rest of the day. Don’t use more than quarter quantity of coca cola because if you use more coca cola then it can alsoresult in bad for you.

19.Building Compost

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Pour the coca cola in the organic matters in the compost bin to boost the composting process. The sugar and sweetness in the coca cola will attracts the micro-organisms. And its acidic component helps in breaking down materials that are used for building compost. Means that mild acid of the coca cola will help break down the organic materials that are destined to become compost.

18.Dissolves Teeth

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If you just want to do a little experiment then take a teeth and put that teeth in coca cola. Let the teeth stay in coca cola for a little longer and you will see that how this dissolves the teeth in days. That sis because the acid in coca cola dissolves the teeth after several days. One should not change the position of the teeth from its place.

17.Remove Gasoline Smell from Clothes

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Gasoline smell clothes is really a problem. Anyone who works with petroleum products knows how difficult it is to remove gasoline odor from clothes. It is so easy that with the use of coca cola you can get rid of this gasoline odor. A can of coca cola mixed in your daily laundry detergent and water will help you to get rid of gasoline odor. Or you can also add a can of coca cola in the washer and wash the smelly clothes. And once again it will leave your clothes as fresh as daisy.

16.Give Documents an Antique Look

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You have some collections of documents and you have them to look antique. All you need to do is to only spray coca cola in those documents and then wipe it off after few minutes. In that way, it will give your documents an antique look. Very few people are aware of this surprising technique.But it worth the use of coca cola in documents to give an antique look. Now you don’t have to use some other chemicals products for that.

15.Cleaning Eye Glasses


Are you thinking of a way to clean your eye glasses? Because there are so many grudges on it and so may dirt’s that settle on your eye glasses and freezes. It looks dirty and annoying right? But for that there lies an incredible solution and this solution is coca cola. Take a soft cloth and dip it into the coca cola and then start rubbing the cloth on your eye glasses gently. And don’t forget to wash with water after the use of coca cola.

14.Remove Paint from Metal Surface

Remove Paint from Metal Surface-www.wikihow.com

Need some help to remove paint from metal surface? Then use coca cola for this. Just soak a clean towel in coca cola and place it on exterior in question. The acid in the coca cola will help you to erode the paint that makes it easier to scrap it away easily.

13.Relief from Mosquitoes Bites

Relief from Mosquitoes Bites-expertbeacon.com

Coca cola is very best if you want relief from mosquito’s bites itching. Just rub coca cola on the area where mosquitos bites you and mosquito’s bite itching will disappear. The next time you find yourself with a mosquito bite, simply pour a bit of coca cola over the bite areas to reduce itching instantly. This will useful and surprising to those who live in a place where mosquitoes are in great amount like villages and also the places where wastes are in huge amount.

12.Heal yourself with Coca cola


Coca cola comes very good when you want your health to be good. It is useful for various ailments. The most common is to soothe upset stomachs. And it is also used to alleviate nausea. Just take sip of flat coca cola and it will help. It is also good for those who have diarrhea and sore throat problem. It can also be very good for hiccups but water can just do fine with hiccups also.

11.Kills the Bugs

Kills the Bugs-www.autoevolution.com

In Garden, there are some areas that have so many bugs hidden inside it in. How to get rid of those bugs that is half the problem for you? Because it isn’t easy to kill those bugs yourself. Stop buying expensive products and use coca cola instead. Pour some coca cola inn a shallow dish and place it in the garden near the affected areas. Slugs, and other bugs will go in for a drink and never came back again. And pour the remaining coca cola onto plants that like acidic soil like gardenias and azaleas.

10.Coca cola for Hair

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Just like I said that coca cola is a very good treatment for your hair. Because coca cola makes our hair soft, shiny, silky and wavy. But don’t use too coca cola. Use is as accordance to your hair quantity. Coca cola contains phosphoric acid, very low pH. So whenever you apply that on your hair, the cuticles tightens, which makes our strands looks smoother and your curls looks more define. Plus the sugar in coca cola build-up to your hair, making it look fuller.

9.Neutralize Skunk Odor

Neutralize Skunk Odor-www.reference.com

For those who live in the area where skunk odor can be an issue, can use coca cola for this. You must be tried of skunk very bad smell and you may feel that it may follow you around forever. Kick out that fear because coca cola have solution for this smelly problem. If you are being sprayed, then stand in the shower and cover yourself with head to toe with coca cola. Wait for few minutes and then rinse it off. Also coca cola is excellent for you hair and works as hair treatment.

8.Polish Old Jewelry

Polish Old Jewelry-www.wikihow.com

Yes, you heard right. If you have some old jewelry and you need to polish them then coca cola is very best for that. It is very cheap and also easy to do. What you need you do is just dip that old jewelry in a glass of coca cola. And wait overnight. In the early morning, take out the jewelry and give them a light scrub with an old rag and you’ll get your brand new jewelry back that absolutely looks not like old. You can also polish any gold with coca cola, even if it looks old a little.

7.Clean Car Batteries

Clean Car Batteries-www.wikihow.com

If your car does not start without any low battery warning or of cold weather then you have dirty battery terminal. You first need to clean them in order to start your car. The acidity of coca cola will clean the car batters terminal perfectly and give your car a perfect battery health once again. But it won’t bring your car battery from dead. Coca cola is only a little caustic so it will not interfere with the battery acid. You just need to know that how can you clean the car batteries only.

6.Use as Pain Killer

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Coca cola contains some useful chemicals that are very beneficentfor helping neutralizing the pain of the jellyfish stings. What you need to do is to only pour the coke over the area in which you have been stung and feel the relief. Coca colaworks effectively and never disappoints.Most of the people who know this useful surprising factorused to bring coca cola to the beach because they often forget to take anti sting lotion with them, and also because coca cola is excellent than these anti sting lotions.

5.Removes Grease Stains from Clothes

Removes Grease Stains from Clothes-www.wikihow.com

You may know that coca cola helps in removing grease on clothes. Because if coca cola can remove blood, rust and can clean dirty windows that it can also removes grease on clothes very easily. If you spilled oil or some greasy thing over your new t-shirt then use coca cola. Mix a can of cola with your regular laundry detergent and fresh water. Wash the cloth but beware of grease stains parts. Use coca cola because stain remover can be very expensive.  Just do the same process as you’ve done while removing bloodstain on t-shirt.

4.Removes Blood Stains from Clothes

Removes Blood Stains from Clothes-www.wikihow.com

Yes, it’s true that coca cola do it great job in helping you removing those blood stains on your favorite t-shirt. Do you get some blood on your favorite t-shirt, to get rid or remove that blood from your favorite t-shirt you just need to sprinkle a can of coca cola in the water and your regular laundry detergent. Wash the bloodstains cloth and get your favorite t-shirt back. Do not use some other chemical products, because they are going to help you. Use coca cola because it inexpensive and easy to use.

3.Remove Gum from Hair


You might be thinking that how can be coca cola best for your hair. Well it is not best your hair but it is best if you want to get rid of gum that stick between your hairs. Will it destroy your hair? Does it really work? Well, the answers to both questions is yes. If anyone mistakenly or accidentally stick the gum into their hair then all you need to do is to first of all, dip that part of your hair in a glass of coca cola. The gum came out free but with minimal hair loss. The hair loss is not because ofcoca cola but it is because of thegum that takes the use of coca cola to come out of the hair. It not only remove gum from your hair but it can also gum from any unwanted place.

2.Cleaning Rust


Coca cola just works like a rust buster. If you some objects that needs to be de-rusting then coca cola best for it. Coca cola contains some useful properties that breaks down the rust particles, making cleaning so much easier.What you need to do is just soak the objects that needs de-rusting in coca cola and leave for overnight.  And in the morning give the object a good scrub. In that way, your rusty object will be de-rusted. If cloth has some spots of rust then you can also use coca cola in that matter.

1.Cleaning Windows

Cleaning Windows-www.southwestexteriors.com

Your windows gets dirty (in dust), and you have tried everything in order to clean your windows, but you can’t think of any good solution to clean your windows right?.What if you got some inexpensive product? Like coca cola. Coca cola contains citric acid and citric acid works just like a cleanser. And it is very excellent for cleaning. You just need to soak a piece of cloth in coca cola and rub that piece of cloth all over the window and after that wash the window with water so that no residue of sugary beverage is present on the glass.