10 Cancer Symptoms Women Shouldn't Ignore


When Caryl Engstrom, 49, found a lump in her right breast, she knew something was wrong. Despite a normal mammogram 2 months earlier and recent breast exams by her internist and gynecologist, who found nothing amiss, Engstrom knew she needed to call her doctor right away. "I just had a gut feeling. It was a sizable lump and just didn't feel right to me."

Engstrom's suspicions turned out to be correct when a biopsy revealed she had stage 2 breast cancer.

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if your symptoms are "persistent and progressive," says Beth Y. Karlan, MD., "meaning you wake up every morning and feel something and it has you worried -- even for 2 weeks in a row -- it really is worth calling your physician and having it checked out."

Which changes are worth bringing to your doctor's attention? We've asked experts about the symptoms you need to keep on your radar screen.