20 Surprising Uses For Carrots


Carrot is an orange-colored root vegetable that is available in varieties of colors like purple, white red, yellow, and black. In many countries, carrots are eaten in the form of salads, added to vegetables like potato, mixed vegetable or to rice dishes. People also love eating Gajar Ka Halwa as a carrot dessert, which is formed after hours of preparation in grating carrots and then cooking in milk till the carrots become soft. After this nut and sugar is added as per the taste. The uses of Carrot don’t end here; we have come up with a list of Top 20 uses that would surely surprise our readers.

20. Good for Pregnant Women

Good forPregnant Women-mom.girlstalkinsmack.com

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Carrots help in regularize development of the fetus and reduce chances of fetal infections and even miscarriage. If a pregnant woman consumes carrots on a regular basis, then she is most likely to have better milk production with improved quality.

Now that you know various uses and benefits of carrots hope you will include it in your everyday routine as well.

19. Very good during Menopause and Post-Menopause


Extracting fresh Carrot juice and drinking every day is considered very good for women because carrots contain phytoestrogen that helps a woman to bear the menstrual pain. Eating carrots or drinking juice can regularize un-systemized bleeding during those heavy bleeding days. Post—Menopause, a woman, can drink carrot juice to bear the hot flushes and many other menopausal problems.

18. protects your teeth and gums

protects your teeth and gums-www.wikihow.com

Carrots remove plague and food particles that find space between your teeth and gums and so carrots take care of your dental health. We all know that saliva coming from our mouth is alkaline in nature and so can balance the acid-forming bacteria inside your gums Carrots contain minerals that can kill these harmful germs and protect your tooth from decaying at a faster rate.

Carrots for Women Health

17. Improves the body Immunity and helps in easy Digestion of Food

Improves the body Immunity and helps in easy Digestion of Food-experiencelife.com

Carrots are full of anti-oxidants and essential nutrients plus vitamin C. All of these components are very beneficial for improving the immune system of your body. If you consume carrots on a regular basis then surely, your body will develop a protective shield to fight against diseases.

Carrots contain fiber which indirectly helps to improve the bowel movements and helps in proper digestion of food. Eating carrots is considered best for the people facing constipation and acidity like problems on a frequent basis. Fiber helps in reducing weight also, so you can eat a carrot and avoid sugar to reduce weight as well.

16. Carrots for Eyes

Carrots for Eyes-maximumyield.com

Carrots have a soothing effect that relaxes your eyes. Carrots are a rich source of beta-carotene, which gets converted into the essential vitamin A in the liver. This vitamin then converts to the rhodopsin in the retina. Rhodopsin is a purple-colored pigment very necessary for the eyes to see clear in the night. Beta-carotene thusimproves your night vision securing your eye from problems like macular degeneration, glaucoma, and senile cataracts. Carrots are very helpful even in treating problems like night blindness. Many studies have shown that carrots can reduce the risks associated with Macular degeneration by 40%.

15. Carrots are used in the various Treatments for Hair Loss

Carrots are used in the various Treatments for Hair Loss-www.lifemartini.com

Carrots are an effective way of overcoming hair loss situation because it providesessential vitamins to your hair and makes them stronger, shinier, and thickerthan before.You must drink a fresh glass of carrot juice every day to come up with this problem of hair loss. This is again one of the major benefits that the carrots have.

14. Calming Facial Spray that calms your skin

Calming Facial Spray that calms your skin-www.wellandgood.com

You might have done facial and moved out in the sun due to some urgent work. How do you feel at this point in time? We know very uncomfortable. Now we are here a calming spray that soothes your skin with its soothing effect.

How to prepare

Prepare carrot juice and mix rose water in the ratio of 1:2 means 1 part of carrot juice to 2 parts of rose water.

Now pour this liquid in a spray bottle and apply on your face to feel its soothing nature.

This spray can be used to remove tanning as well.

Using carrots for Hairs

Hair loss is a very big problem that is mainly concerned with the depression like problems. Carrots help to promote hair re-growth. Carrots come loaded with vitamins like Vitamin A that has various benefits for the hair.

13.  Facial Mask that acts as a Moisturizer

Facial Mask that acts as a Moisturizer-www.austinpug.org

Here is the list of ingredients you would need to prepare a Facial mask that can work as a Moisturizer:

2 tbsp. Grated carrot

1 tbsp. Honey

1 tbsp. Milk cream

Olive oil

How to prepare the mask

The first step is to soften the carrots in boilingwater till the carrots turn soft. Then collect this paste in a bowl and add all the ingredients mentioned above.

Now blendthis mixture to make a home-made carrot facial mask or a Moisturizer.

Apply this paste and leave for 10-15 minutes and then wash your face with cold water to get maximum results.

12. Carrots are very beneficial for treating various Skin diseases:

Carrots are very beneficial for treating various Skin diseases-www.goodhealthacademy.com

Carrots contain anti-oxidants and polyacetylene that are very effective in preventing the body and the skin from various types of skin ailments. The antioxidants present in this root vegetable can cure your skin pimples, acne, scars, rashes, dermatitis and many other skin problems. These problems generally occur due to the deficiency of Vitamin A and carrots fill up the space of this deficiency by providing essential nutrients

Making Facial Masks from carrot

Have you ever given it a thought of applying carrots on your face? We are here with some tips to create an effective facial mask using carrots. Let us check this out

11. Use Carrots as a Sun Protector

Use Carrots as a Sun Protector-winniefannon.com

Carrots contain Beta-carotene, which is a skin-friendly nutrient that mainly converts into vitamin A when consumed by our body. It repairs the dead or damaged skin tissues and protects your skin from the harsh rays coming from the sun. Carrots’ antioxidants protect your skin and increase the immunity system of your body. Consuming Carrots in the summer season is a natural way to protect your skin from sun rays.

10.  Carrots have various Anti-Ageing benefits, and it can remove scars as well.

Carrots have various Anti-Ageing benefits, and it can remove scars as well-www.aestheticshub.com

Carrots contain Vitamin C, a rich source of collagen production that is very important for the maintenance of the elasticity of the skin. It naturally prevents anti-ageing and makes your skin free from wrinkles.

Eating carrots or drinking fresh Carrot juice is one of the effective ways of getting a clearer skin. If you don’t like the taste of carrots of the juice, then you can apply carrot pulp on the area where the scars are present to get a clear skin.

9. Use Carrots forgetting a Glowing Skin:

Use Carrots forgetting a Glowing Skin-www.pinterest.com

Eating carrots is a natural way of getting glowing skin because carrots come loaded with essential Vitamin and antioxidants that are responsible for getting a fairer and glowing skin. If you don’t like the sweetened taste of carrots, then you can prepare your convenient face mask from it. You just need to grate carrot, extract its juice and mix honey to the juice. Apply this paste on your face to get a glowing skin.

8. Carrots decrease risk of Cancer


Many researchers have proven the fact that the consumption of carrots on a regular basis can reduce the risk associated with serious cancers of the lung, breast and colon cancer. As already informed, carrots are a rich source of polyacetylene and antioxidant, falcarinol. These anti-oxidants destroy the pre-cancerous cells responsible for cancers. In short, carrots contain anti-carcinogenic properties that can reduce the growth of cells responsible for causing harmful diseases like cancer. It is one of the most important health benefits of consuming carrots that everyone should note.

7. Carrots benefits heart related problems

Carrots benefits heart related problems-www.findhomeremedy.com

Carrots are very good for people suffering from cardiovascular problems. Carrots contain a large variety of anti-oxidants and polyacetylenes, the combination of which protects your heart by forming a protective shield around it. It has been shown in studies that Carrots have a high amount of carotenoids and consumption of carotenoids decreases risks associated with various types of heart diseases. By now, you must know that carrots are rich in beta-carotene, but do you know carrots do contain alpha-carotene and lutein as well.

So, the regular intake of carrots as salads or as vegetables or soups can protect your heart and body from cardiovascular diseases.

6. Making Carrot Soup

Making Carrot Soup-www.wikihow.com

Drinking soup before starting your lunch or Dinner is a perfect idea to control your hunger. Adding just a pinch of olive oil can give this carrot soup a healthy nature. How to prepare:

The first step to prepare soup is to soften the sliced or finely cut carrots. Then stir these soft carrots in a mixer to form a smooth paste. Pass this paste through a sieve and then bring the mixture to boil. Add salt and black pepper to taste. This soup is considered best for the patients discharged from the hospitals from a serious illness.

Carrots for different use

5. Prepare home-made Hummus from carrots

Prepare home-made Hummus from carrots-yupitsvegan.com

It is a quite easier snack that lasts for a week. You can serve it with vegetables and even chips. Thin-sliced Carrots from a perfect dose of tea-time snack as a traditional dip. You can even take this hummus in your lunchbox and share with your friends. How to prepare:

The first step is to soften the carrots just like we did in previous recipes. Now add beans, lemon juice, cumin seeds, salt, and ginger and stir these ingredients till a smooth mixture is obtained. Transfer the mixture to a small bowl and freeze for at least 1 hour. You can add water if the mixture is thick. Now the mixture is ready to serve with dippers.

4. Making Noodles

Making Noodles-www.wikihow.com

Buy a veggie spiralizer from the market and pass your carrots through it to create a noodle like a carrot structure. These thin noodles made from carrots are on low-calorie, free fromgluten, and power packed with essential nutrients.

How to prepare:

The first step to making carrot noodles is to pass Carrots through spiralizer. Then collect all of the noodles and put them in a pan full of water. Bring this water to boil and simmer the gas stove till all the carrot noodles turn soft. Now use a sieve to drain water and let the noodles settle down for a while. Pass cold water over the noodles so that each noodle separate out. Then prepare ingredients as per your choice and add vegetables just like cooking pasta to get an all-new carrot noodles recipe.

3. Use Carrot to make delicious Cupcakes

Use Carrot to make delicious Cupcakes-allrecipes.com

Do you know you can make cupcakes from Carrots? Hopefully, Not. We will here see how we can turn an orange root vegetable into a delicious cupcake that every kid loves to eat. You can now bake your cupcakes right in your kitchen. These carrot cupcakes are free from gluten and garnished with a creamy, vanilla bean cream for creating a perfect dessert. Unsweetened Plain Coconut Milk is used in the preparation to fasten the baking process. These carrot cupcakes have 0 cholesterol level and contain 190 calories per cupcake.

2. Use Carrots to prepare Smoothie

Use Carrots to prepare Smoothie-www.chowhound.com

Carrot smoothies are a perfect morning refreshing sip. Kids love smoothie’s, orange colored bright and energizing drink full of sweetness from a cup of orange juice to cover up the vegetable taste of the drink. Even the choosiest people will like this drink. Your complete family can get a revitalizing experience by drinking just a cup of this drink in the morning. How to prepare:

Take one cup of sliced carrots and one cup of orange juice. Now cook carrots in a pan till they turn soft. Blend the soften carrots and add orange juice and shredded orange peel to add extra flavor. Now add ice cubes as per your choice.

1.Include Your Carrots into Your Favorite fast food

Include Your Carrots into Your Favorite fast food-pureandsimplenourishment.blogspot.com

If your family loves a bunch of carrots, then including carrots in your fast food is one of the best options to eat your favorite French fries in the healthiest way.

Enjoy natural sweetness and a pinch of salt to make a mind-blowing French fries recipe.

Your first step to preparing a healthy snack would be to bake the carrot fries in batches for just 20 minutes time. This fast food is a low-calorie snack perfect for your tea-time. Eat with tomato sauce to get extra flavor.