20 Surprising Uses For Baking Soda


Baking soda or sodium bicarbonate in scientific terms can be found in every household kitchen. This white crystal powder is generally used for the purpose of baking and cleaning, but you’ll be amazed to see its multipurpose nature. It benefits us in various aspects of our life. If you are wondering that it was invented some 100 years ago, then my friend you are wrong. Baking soda was being used way before the pyramid of Giza was built in Egypt. Egyptian used it for making mummies and also as a cleaning agent. Here are 20 more mind-blowing uses of baking soda.

20. Cleaning feet

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Other than cleaning houses and dishes, baking soda does its wonders when it comes to cleaning the feet. Baking soda due to its alkaline properties helps in regulating the pH level in the human body. Mix 2-3 tablespoon of baking soda in lukewarm water and soak your feet in it for 15-20 minutes. Give a gentle massage to your foot and then clean your feet with a dry cloth. You’ll see feet will now feel all smooth and firm.

These are the reasons why baking soda is called the everyday user.



If you want a safe and organic smelling substance for yourself, you need to make a baking soda deodorant. Some common deodorant chemicals such as formaldehyde, tryclosan and parabens might cause skin ailments. Aluminum, on the other hand, is regarded as the biggest reason behind the disease of breast cancer. By using baking soda as your deodorant, you are keeping your armpits away from the odor as well as protecting from other harmful chemicals.

18.Cleaning wine stains


Wine stain is something that everyone is scared of, and no one wants it on their clothes destroying their lives. I may be exaggerating, but the point is almost clear that red wine doesn’t come off that quickly. Well, baking soda can be of your help here. First, soak the red wine stain in white wine, as it’ll somewhat dilute the red color. Then make the paste of 3:1 of water and baking soda. Spread the layer of the paste on the stain. After letting it sit for an hour and the stain removal rinse it with water.

17.Air freshener


You don’t want your guests to arrive at your home and get stunned only on the entrance from the odor. You don’t have to waste heaps of money on air fresheners as you can yourself make a natural air freshener all by yourself. It’s a treat for a ‘do it yourselfer’. Mix hot water and baking soda and out it in a spray can. You can also add an essential oil for an amazing smell. Then sprinkle the mixture all over in your house to eliminate any bad odor.

16.Cleaning car battery

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The terminal corrosion in car battery occurs when you don’t drive your car much often. The batteries get surrounded by a white and some other mixed color deposits. You can clean the acidic corrosion in your batteries with the help of baking soda and hot water. This solution will dissolve the acidic corrosion off from the batteries. You can then clean the residual with a damp cloth. Wipe them with some petroleum jelly to prevent any corrosion in the future.

15.Treating bee sting

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Baking soda eases the pain of a bee or a wasp sting. Bee sting is strong alkaline venom to soothe the skin you need to neutralize its inflammation effects. Make a paste of baking soda with water and then apply the paste to the area where the bee stung. Leave this paste for 15 minutes on the skin. Baking soda will help neutralize the acidic venom thus getting relieved of the pain and the swelling of the wound. The pain would be gone before you could even realize.

14.Freshen the closet

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They remain closed every day which creates a strange and unclean smell in the closet. You have cleaned it several times, but the smell still doesn’t leave your closet. This time, you might need some really effective way to get rid of that odor. You put the baking soda box where it can get some air, and you’ll find that your linens smelled as fresh when they were bought. Baking soda will draw the odor right away from your closet.

13.Fix shoe odor

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Every time you take those shoes off a deadly stink goes right into the air, and then you get that hateful stare from everyone around you. Baking soda can help you get rid of that disgusting stinky odor from your sneakers. Sprinkle it in your shoes and socks let it sit overnight. Baking soda would absorb every kind of odor from your shoes and socks making them all fresh. Be cautious about using baking powder in your suede and leather shoes, though.

12.Fire extinguisher

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Baking soda is a ‘must keep’ in a kitchen, not just for cooking but also for other potential harms. Let’s say you are cooking something and due to some possible reasons you caught fire in your food or even in the kitchen. You don’t have your cell phone to call the fire extinguishers’, what can you really do now? The answer is, throwing heaps of baking soda in it. The reason why it extinguishes the fire is because after getting heated up from the fire it releases water and carbon-dioxide. Carbon dioxide extinguishes the fire while the water cools down the ignition temperature.



Sodium bicarbonate or baking soda is used as a quick antacid to treat indigestion, upset stomach, and heartburn. Even doctors recommend this treatment for GERD. Your pancreas produces the natural antacid to neutralize the stomach acid. But, due to unhealthy life choices, they hinder in this feature. So, baking soda is used to mimic the purpose of the pancreas, to work as an organic antacid. Other than neutralizing stomach acid, it also helps prevent esophageal damage and fewer cases of heartburn.

10.Organic pesticide

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Say goodbye to harmful pesticides and fertilizers and welcome baking soda in your life as one of the best organic fertilizer. There is nothing sadderthan finding your plants getting eaten by a number of insects. Mix baking soda with some vegetable oil and a cup of warm water. Before spraying first remove all the residual off of your plants. You can use this anti-fungal spray daily on your plants to treat them from any fungal diseases. Baking soda will also help in keeping the pests away from your plants.

9.Keeping flowers fresh

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This "miracle powder” is also famous for garden uses too. Be it in your backyard or your vases, baking soda helps to keep the flowers fresh. By enhancing the acidic and alkaline property of the soil, baking soda helps create the better growing condition for flowers. Mix 8 tablespoons of baking soda and some insecticidal soap in the water and use this solution to spray on the flower. If you want to extend the life of cut flowers, you can dip it in the mixture of water and baking soda. It is affordable, easy to use and organic than those other commercial solutions.

8.Cleaning couch

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You can clean everything, but when it comes to cleaning the couch, you need to be extra careful about that matter. You cannot use any liquid solution, in that case, baking soda, on the other hand, can help you clean your couch in an easy and fantastic manner. For a severe deep cleaning, sprinkle the baking powder all over your couch. Allow it to sit for at least 30 minutes or so. Baking soda will help in eliminating the foul odor and stains off from the couch. Clean it with a vacuum cleaner to get that brand-new couch feel.

7.Treat acne

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It’s one of the cheapest treatments for getting that fresh acne-free skin. Mix ½ a teaspoon of baking soda with your regular cleanser. Massage it gently on your face for 30 seconds; it will clean all the oily and dirty areas. After cleansing thoroughly rinse it off with cool water. Apply the moisturizer right away after that. Baking soda is used for treating acne because its anti-inflammatory properties help in reducing the swelling and redness of a pimple. And its exfoliating feature is less harmful than other chemical cleansers.

6.Bathroom Scrub


Baking soda is a much bigger aspect of your hygienic living than you can imagine. Baking soda benefits as a good cleaning agent when compared to all other bathroom cleaners. It excels our expectations with its diverse uses. If you mix it with vinegar, it’ll form a carbonic acid solution, which could help you get rid of those greasy stains in your bathroom. Due to the carbon dioxide present in baking soda, it will contribute to making bubbles which are essential for scrubbing. You can clean the whole bathroom including toilet, glass doors, floor tiles, etc.



Baking soda is one of the fantastic home remedies to fight with dandruff. You may have never thought that baking soda can work as anti-dandruff, but you can get rid of your dandruff once and for all with this magic element. Some days you just don’t have enough time to shampoo your hair, then baking soda comes to the rescue. Excess use of shampoo causes dry flaky skin, i.e. dandruff. It also makes your hair frizzy and lifeless if used regularly. Whereas baking soda with its higher pH level after applying on the scalp with water and rinsing, help to make your locks healthier and dandruff free.

4.For laundry


And you thought baking soda can only help clean your teeth or refrigerator. It is not a myth, but a proved technique. Baking soda is popular for the purpose of cleaning clothes making it brighter and whiter. All you need to do is add half cup of baking soda in the machine with your liquid detergent. The solution will not only clean your clothes but also help in making your clothessoft and odor-free. If you sometimes use bleach for your clothes, you can add ½ cup of baking soda so that the potency of bleach would increase. Then you could use less bleach saving your clothes from the harm.

3.For odorless fridge

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Keeping baking soda in the refrigerator can help other food stay fresh; this myth is merely an old wives’ tale. What baking soda does keep away are foul odors of different food, coming out of the fridge when opened. Baking soda is a strong alkaline agent which can absorb odors very well. As when it comes to the freshness of the food you regularly need to keep a check on the expiry date as well. You could also wash the stains of your refrigerator with baking soda and water to clean it thoroughly. To make it faster you could sprinkle some of it at the bottom of your fridge to eliminate the odor.

2.For whitening teeth

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With the right amount of baking soda, you could whiten your teeth in no time. But don’t you want your teeth to look super clean and white every day? For that, you can make your own organic toothpaste. It’s as easy as smiling. It does a good job of getting rid of the surface stains. Mix hydrogen peroxide with a lesser amount of baking soda and coconut oil. This formula would make your teeth crystal clear, giving you a beautiful bright smile. Try not to use it on a daily basis as too much of baking soda could affect your sensitive enamel.

1.Polishing silvers


Be it your silver flatware or any jewelry, rubbing it hard with a brush is not a right way to bring its misplaced shine back. What you should do is boil the water till it gets lukewarm. After boiling, line the glass dish from the layer of aluminum foil with its silver side up. Now place all your pieces of jewelry and flatware’s in an aluminum covered dish. Make sure that each piece is touching the foil. After 30-40 seconds of soaking, you can take them all out with a tong and admire their glorious beauty.  You can also add vinegar to speed up the process.