20 Interesting Uses of Aloe Vera


Everyone should have an aloe vera plant in their home. If you just know that how much it is useful and important for you then you would always carry something or anything that contains aloe vera all the time with you. As you all might know that, aloe vera comes from a cactus family and grows like a weed in New Zealand. But you can also grow aloe vera plants at home by yourself.  Aloe vera contains over 200 active components including vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes and fatty acids. That’s why it used for wide range of remedies.

  1. Use It Like A Moisturizer

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No matter what your skin is allergic to or facing what kinds of problems. Like acne prone, dryness, spots etc. If your skin is after a moisturizer that should works effectively and not contains harmful chemicals or something other. Then give aloe vera a go! Every natural thing is good for our skin and hair, health but we came to notice that many products uses harmful chemicals that results in bad connection with our skin, hair and health. But there also exist some natural things from which you can make natural remedies by yourself without using any kind of chemical or artificial ingredients.

  1. Prevents Minor Skin Burns

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Aloe vera does it great job in preventing your skin from minor skin burns. That is why we see many people applying aloe vera creams and gels on their bodies in order to be save from minor skin burns. Even some people also bring aloe vera with themselves for the various usage. Aloe vera reduce inflammation and aid in repair of the skin fairly quickly. To use it on the burn parts, just apply a specific amount of aloe vera on the burned area and cover it with a bandage and that alone will do the rest of the job. Avoid using products that have products and as you know that every products consists of chemicals but the product you made by yourself at home is much better than the readymade product.

  1. Prevent Bacteria from Fruits and Vegetables

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If aloe vera can do so many other important things and nearly every important and interesting thing then preventing or saving/cleaning vegetables or fruits from bacteria’s is a just a small task. What you need to do is to only spray a small amount of aloe vera gel on the tomato plants or on the fruits or vegetables. It will helps you to block many harmful bacteria. It is such an interesting use of aloe vera!

  1. An Alternative to Mouthwash

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Using chemical based mouth washes is not considered safe and effective as compared to aloe vera mouthwash. You can also create the aloe vera mouthwash by yourself at home. You do not need to go to the labs and research that which chemicals should we use or which ingredients can we add for the scent. Leave all of these. Just make aloe vera mouthwash because it also give relief to the bleeding or swelling gums.

  1. Aloe Vera for Weight Loss

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Another interesting use of aloe vera is that it is perfect for weight loss. But for that we should have patience. Because if we’re using aloe vera for the weight loss, but also eating meals that contains calories. Then it is of no use to use aloe vera for weight loss. The aloe vera contains some useful properties that enables them to enhance the immune system, removes toxins and maintains ahealthy digestion. All of these helps in weight loss and benefits the health.

  1. Treats Diabetes

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Diabetes is a very dangerous diseases that occurs in adults and even in children’s. How to treat it? The answer is aloe vera. Because it is easy and very cheap to treat diabetes with aloe vera. Believe it or not without aloe vera life is hard.The dried gel of aloe vera is used to treat diabetes as it helps to lower blood sugar level by decreasing insulin resistance.

  1. Treats Alopecia

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Alopecia is a type of hair loss that occurs when your immune system attack your hair follies. It occurs at a particular part of the head and then leads to complete hair loss.Alopecia is common nowadays. This scalp condition can be reduced or recovered by daily usage of aloe vera. Treating alopecia is a difficult task to do because recovering hair is not easy. And treating alopecia with aloe vera gel can also be hard for you because it takes time and efforts.

  1. Recover Wounds And Cuts

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Aloe vera comes in handy when to use for recovering wounds and cuts. Aloe vera gel contains polysaccharide fibers that works as digestive aid but it also is problematic for some people. These fibers also helps to heal wounds and cuts. Apply aloe vera gel to minor cuts or wounds after cleansed the area with warm cloth. Then seal it up with bandage and leave it for overnight or a day. (Depends on the how deep the cut or wound is).

  1. Makeup Remover

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It is very important to remove your makeup because leaving it on might lead to breakouts. The best way to do so is using natural substances like aloe vera. Aloe vera is rich in many nutrients and antioxidants. It’s not only cleanses your skin but leaves it smooth and silky. Removing makeup really is a hard work. Sometimes after removing the makeup, still some spots of makeup are left in our skin. Means that our skin does not remove the makeup perfectly if we don’t use something with it like aloe vera. Not removing makeup completely also results in acne prone. And in rough and dry skin. Just squeeze a dollop of aloe vera on a cotton ball and swipe away the day for the simple and effective alternative.

  1. As a Soothing Ice Cube

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Grab an ice cube tray, fill the tray with aloe vera gel, and let it freeze. After a while, pop them out and store them in a freezer safe container. These aloe vera soothing ice cubes will be great for sun exposure, bug bites, run-ins with stoves, and poison ivy etc. Aloe vera ice cubes can also be good for dark circles and wrinkles. But you should first know how to use them.

  1. As a Face Wash

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Just like mouthwash, you can also make facewash of aloe vera at home in a natural way without using any kind of harmful chemicals. Mix 1 tablespoon of aloe vera gel into one tablespoon of almond milk. And add one tablespoon of lemon juice. Use this aloe vera gel on your face for about 5 to 10 minutes and then wash. In this way, you will get your perfect aloe vera face wash.

  1. Shaving Cream

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Shaving creams contains very harmful chemicals that is not good for your skin. But if you want something natural then go for aloe vera. It will be good for your skin and plus it will be easy to shave with it. Aloe vera shaving creams works as a moisturizer too. For this: Mix 1/3 cup of aloe vera gel with 1/4 cup castile soap or hand soap (depends), in 1 Tablespoon of almond oil. After that add 1/4 cup distilled warm water in 1 tsp vitamin E oil, and 5 drops of eucalyptus oil in a foaming bottle or a clean soap pump dispenser. Shake well before you use, and refrigerate up to six months.

  1. Cures for Bad Breath

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When someone have bad breath or if you do bad breath then dissolve 1/4 cup of aloe vera in 1/3 cup of water or apple juice (depends). And drink it. Aloe vera have anti-inflammatory compound that soothes acid digestion that is a common cause of bad breath. Aloe vera works as a laxative that helps the food to pass through the intestine easily.

  1. Cures Pigmentation and Wrinkles

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Aloe vera gel cures dry freckles skin and also dry spots. And helps to remove wrinkles but we have se daily for that. Aloe vera gel renders a healthy and glowing looking skin.Aloe vera contains vitamins C and E that is best to cure pigmentation and wrinkles. And apart from that, it is very good for your skin. Just mix few drops of virgin coconut oil in aloe vera gel for the treatment of pigmentation and wrinkles.

  1. For Eyebrow Gel

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Nearly everyone loves strong eyebrows and want to stay away from tweezers. But how can that be possible? Mix aloe vera gel in clean mascara and put that on your eyebrows for thick, blackish and strong eyebrows. And if you do want to use the tweezer then mix one part of aloe vera gel with other one part of castor oil. It will help you topluck your eyebrows easily.

  1. For dry and cracked feet

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Some products makes your feet dry and cracked. And also not taking care of it also results in dryness. Aloe vera gel for dry and cracked feet is: Rose water, aloe vera gel, and glycerin and lemon juice. Mix all of these ingredients to make a successful paste. Apply this paste on your feet for 10-15 minutes. Do this daily in the beginning then reduce the day as you start seeing changes. This aloe vera gel paste will help your dry and cracked feet to be soft and smooth once again.

  1. For Personal Hand Sanitizer

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Tried off using same hand sanitizer again and again.Want something natural? Then try to make aloe vera gel hand sanitizer at your home in less than an hour. ½ aloe vera gel and ¼ alcohol. Mix both together. Drop 20 essential drops of your favorite oil and pour all of it in a clean and dark bottle. The alcohol in the aloe vera gelhand sanitizer will help fight the germs. Spritz once and rub it on your hand.

  1. Aloe Vera Gel for Internal Use

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Another most common and interesting use of aloe vera gel is to use it internally. Eat it or add aloe vera gel in your food. It is a well-known use of this aloe vera plant and many people attest that it works wonders for constipation. Aloe is also incredibly alkaline so it may help reduce inflammation in the stomach, along with feed good bacteria in the digestive tract thanks to its highfiber content and high water content also. You can use aloe vera gel for various purpose. Like if you have any type of stomach problem, kidney or lungs problems or any other type of internal problem then you should use aloe vera gel. Because it is effective and also cheap in price.

  1. Natural Conditioner

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You may have some conditioners that you use with your shampoo but they contains many chemicals and some of them might be harmful for you. So for natural conditioner of aloe vera gel can be really good for hair. It acts as a natural conditioner that restores the hair sheen, luster and shine. It also gives strength to your hair if you keep using aloe vera gelnatural conditioner. If you have oily or dry scalp, then this can also help you to restore the proper balance. You should always stay away from expensive and time taking treatments and say hello to the aloe vera gel natural conditioner.

  1. Reduces Heart Burns Etc.

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Aloe vera gel has been used in the treatment of gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD). GERD causes symptoms such as heartburn, chest pain, and trouble with swallowing, and aloe gel is an effective cure. Aloe vera has anti-inflammatory properties which soothe the stomach lining and the esophagus. It also helps fight against pathogens that cause gastrointestinal problems.

Although it is still in its preliminary stages, research has shown that aloe vera can help reduce severe heart burns,chest pain, and trouble with swallowing. Aloe vera gel can also reduce blood glucose levels.