14 Foods That Make You Age Fast


You are what you eat, so in theory if you’re old and haggard before your time, you are the unhealthy foods you have taken in. Of course, the biggest problem is that we always send mixed messages to consumers, about what seems fun to eat, and what is actually poisonous to you. We won’t bother talking about how street drugs and cigarettes make you look 50, because that’s at least one thing the mainstream media has right. On the other hand, no one has the guts to tell you to your face that the stuff you might already be eating is what’s making you look 20 years ahead of your time.

1. Fast Food

Fast food from all your favorite chain restaurants is perhaps the most toxic thing the FDA allows you to eat. And one step below this is probably radioactive green goo, quite frankly. Fast food with trans fat will make your skin look stiff, inflexible and very rocky. Trans-fats clog the arteries and the smaller blood vessels making your heart work overtime just to get you through the day.

2. Processed Foods

Not only do some processed foods contain trans-fat, but they also have heavy carbohydrates which is known to damage collagen and fibers in your sensitive skin. Processed foods also contain artificial ingredients, preservatives, colorants, flavor and texturants. Bear in mind that large companies get away with including extra ingredients inside processed foods without listing them. Would you trust a guy off the street who offered you some "mystery food”? Why not?

3. High Salt Meals

Meals with heavy salts dehydrate your body and this causes you to feel fatigued, which contributes to looking worn out, beaten up and about 10 years older than you are. More importantly, too much salt is known to increase your risk of kidney disease, high blood pressure, bone metabolism, all of which is going to make you look

4. Coffee and High levels of Caffeine

Coffee is not necessarily bad for you but what happens is that it, and other caffeinated beverages, quickly dehydrates you. So that means you have to drink more water to stay hydrated or else that will also make you look tired, worn out and do damage to your skin.

5. Alcoholic Beverage

Whatever’s good for you can also kill you…and your wife can verify that. Seriously, alcohol is great for you, but only when you limit it to about a glass of wine a day. Hard drinking will eventually lead to dehydration and liver disease, and along the way extra wrinkles, loss of skin collagen, redness, and all other ills.

6. Energy Drinks

Not only do they have massive levels of caffeine but they throw in a host of unhealthy and mysterious artificial products. The worst of it is that these energy drinks can destroy the enamel in your teeth eight times more than soda pop.

7. Soda Pop

No, we didn’t actually say drink more soda, fewer energy drinks. The fact is that soda dehydrates the body and loads in the sugar, high-fructose corny syrup and other horrible ingredients that are the health equivalent of eating Legos. Soda is not hydration, water is and so if you want soda you need even more water.

8. Dessert

Sugar causes inflammation in your body, which contributes to aging effects. There is no health benefit to sugar—all of it is empty calories. It does give you energy but it can ruin your metabolism, cause insulin resistance, increase cholesterol and fat in the liver and cause high triglycerides. In the future, it can lead to all sorts of disease like heart disease, diabetes and cancer. Just think of dessert like a cigarette and you get the idea.

9. Artificial Sweeteners

Too many people are trying to substitute sugar for artificial sweeteners like aspartame or Splenda thinking they’re doing the Lord’s work. However, these artificial sweeteners have been linked to cancer and even short-term effects like headaches and nausea. Besides that they are associated with headaches and joint pain, more signs of rapid aging.

10. Microwave Dinners

Learn to fear the microwave like a Gremlin. Microwave meals are high in sodium and sodium contributes to water retention and puffy appearance, giving you a little too much of a dad bod. These meals also are high in salt and preservatives which causes additional problems with puffiness and inflammation.

11. Cheap Meat

Meat, or shall we say the cheap meat everyone likes to buy, is high in saturated fat as well as high salt content and preservatives. This contributes to puffiness, inflammation and poor health in general, which takes a toll on your body. Fatty meats also use up vitamin C which is important in collagen formation. Not all meat is bad for you but it is best to start eating lean meat (95%), like tenderloin cuts and other forms of meat besides beef, like turkey or chicken breast. See, your snarky vegan friend’s not exactly right. You can still eat meat and life is still worth living!

12. Spicy Foods

13. Lemonade and Lemon juice

14. Carbohydrates