Best Foods for Healthy Teeth

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You can tell a lot about how a person eats from his teeth because you really are what you eat when it comes to dental health. If you are eating foods with high sugar content, there is a higher likelihood that you will experience tooth decay. If you drink alcohol, you are not hydrating your mouth, but rather drying it out and preventing saliva from keeping it moist and healthy. Alcohol has also been linked to gum disease.

Even soda pop can cause major damage with a recent study finding that carbonated beverages could be as damaging to your teeth as using methamphetamine and crack cocaine.

There are several other foods we should stay away from in order to keep our teeth in tip-top condition, but are there foods that are healthy for our teeth?

As it turns out, there are quite a few. Her are five of the best that will help keep your your pearly whites shiny and ready to do some heavy chomping.