7 kinds of high-protein coffee milkshakes that can make any morning better


You're late and know it takes a long time for breakfast to be put together. So all you need is a cup of coffee and hit the road. Of course, you'll get the caffeine boost you need, but those hanger pain is basically guaranteed to start as soon as possible. And an empty coffee?

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Surprising. Solution: Coffee protein milkshake. It only takes a few minutes to make one, and it has a high protein content, so you'll feel fuller throughout the day (and add it after the workout). If you're used to putting eggs in all the time, try replacing your double cooked eggs with one of the high-protein smoothies.

The fact that they taste like milkshakes is just a reward.
1. Cafe Mocha Protein Milkshake
Cafe Mocha Protein Milkshake Put a cup of coffee in the fridge before bed. This breakfast takes about three minutes. Simply put the coffee in the blender and add ice, almond milk, chocolate and vanilla egg powder. This combination makes it taste like a malt ...

The breakfast milkshake was a clear victory.
2. Bulletproof Coffee Protein Latte
Bulletproof Coffee Protein Latte If you haven't skipped the Bulletproof coffee train, you can take a can of coconut oil at home DIY. The taste is so crazy cream that you won't believe it doesn't actually use dairy products.

Add some ice cubes to the blender to make the drink thicker and more like shaking.
3. Oats and Linen coffee milkshakes
Oats and linen coffee milkshakes Powder is an obvious way to add protein, but it is not the only way. The Ice sands use oatmeal and flaxseed to increase protein content.

If you prefer, you can add some zhengda seeds or cannabis seeds to get more grams into the mixture.
4. Vanilla Latte Ice Sand
Vanilla Latte Ice Sand Like vanilla bean smoothies, but with bananas and honey added sugar instead of crazy sugar. Smoothies also replaced coffee-flavored Greek yogurt with a cup of coffee (Chobani did a good job!).

) and a teaspoon of instant coffee powder to get the taste.
5. Cold Brewing Mocha Smoothies
Cold Brewing Mocha Smoothies This smoothie uses our favorite healthier sweetener: Dating! You only need two to make it so sweet, and they'll add some fiber and potassium to your wobble at the same time. Sweet shouldn't stop you from sprinkling some cocoa grains on top ...

Just say '.
6. Wake up the coffee ice sands
Wake me up, coffee smoothies. This morning, extract everything you need: fruit (frozen bananas), whole grains and protein, and the healthy fat of nut butter.

It's basically your morning oatmeal and coffee blending, and that's what we are.
7. Cream coffee and yogurt smoothies
Cream coffee and yogurt smoothies If you eat dairy products, Greek yogurt is really the best to make your morning shake thicker. In addition, it gives us a bit of the rich flavour we love, and tequila syrup keeps it sweet enough. Choose your favorite protein powder mix ... We bet chocolate, vanilla or coffee flavored powder tastes really good.