Summer's Here! avocados, tomatoes, leeks, boiled eggs SALAD!!

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Summer's Here! It's a beautiful July full of sunshine, swimming, fresh fruit and family time. It's also a very special feeling that the transition to the entire spring to summer is again in Canada.
This is one of my favorite things, watching this small part of the world become green and warm, lakes and rivers invite us into, farmers ' markets explode with local good, and extend to the same magic night on long days. I'm not going to do a lot of things at this time of year-I like to keep the food fresh, mostly raw, very light. If I was turning on the stove or oven, I would usually make a staple that I could put in the fridge and put in a salad or sandwich. Lentils, beans and quinoa wheat is some spinning necessity, I can add a pile of fresh vegetables, or switch to soaking. I also like to get some coconut bacon from my second recipe, natural nutrition, with an awe-inspiring flavour and texture on hand, as basic as avocado toast.
The salad came from the idea that I had just made a batch of these amazing things, and when I remembered another classic bacon meal, I was trying to come up with some other uses (in addition to the best BLT): Cobb Salad! If you live outside North America, you may not be familiar with this iconic dish, which is a rich combination of chopped long leafy lettuce, avocados, tomatoes, leeks, boiled eggs, bacon and chicken. It is a protein-rich "salad" that is often sullen in creamy blue cheese sauce. Wow! significant.
No doubt, I know it's the perfect makeover feed and I have everything I need to get started. It's relatively easy to turn this indulgent dish into something tasty, actually a salad. First, I decided to open the green and add some spinach. This small additive can provide more iron, protein, vitamin C and folic acid. I pointed the garden arrows at the peas, not the chicken, to increase the body and fill the fibers. Cooked chickpeas, butter beans or French lentils can also work beautifully in their places. Watermelon turnips have just entered this season, adding them to this version is completely mindless, as they add a lot of austerity, delicious dirt and pink. Because of the pink! Of course, I kept the avocado ... Uh.
The cream leek dressing is a victory here. I created it to maintain a rich and satisfying taste, blue cheese sauce to the classic Cobb, but no cheese, cream, yogurt oil and mayonnaise (I mean, holy Bull). Instead, I use marijuana seeds and proteins rich in Omega-3 fat to activate our summer creatures. It's rich, a little garlic, and it's very fresh.
And since my recipe is more than enough for this salad, pour the rest of the food on thick sliced steak tomatoes, grilled eggplant and zucchini, or fold it into ripe grains and vegetables. My Cobb Salad version is more like a concept than a recipe-so you can feel free to play with the amount you have. If you have some other salads where you can work here, throw them away! There are no rules, just a clean fridge a bit of a deal. Summer has arrived.
Let's keep it simple and smooth! It's an understatement to say I'm obsessed with this salad. It's a perfect summer meal, including fresh, crisp, garden fresh vegetables and vegetables, creamy avocado, juicy tomatoes, rich smoked coconut bacon, smooth and rich leeks, satisfying eggs, if you don't I want to sneak into that bowl first I don't think we'll ever be friends; " )