Tips For The New Year! By Elizabeth Our Smoothie Queen


Do you have any suggestions, how to restore your body shape and start a new year?

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Set short-term, measurable, realistic and specific goals for nutrition, fitness, sleep and gratitude. In my experience, these four areas are key components of a vibrant health foundation.
For nutrition, choose a meaningful change, you can do it in your daily diet instead of cleaning up the entire cabinet and try to make a radical change. For example, if you usually drink coffee first, start with warm lemonade every morning, or replace the croissant with green smoothies two mornings a week.
Whether you are a gym mouse or a just-training mouse, paying attention to how much you go during the day can change the rules of the game. 8k steps a day is the health goal set by the WHO, but if you average 10k, you will be amazed at the benefits of your body and mind. To complete your steps, you may want to leave the two- or two-story elevator below the office, or walk around the neighborhood and wake up instead of latte.

Unfortunately, there are no magic pills to make up for lack of sleep (trust me, I read!). Go to sleep one hour in advance every night. If this seems impossible, please start 30 minutes in advance. For most of us, one of the easiest ways to achieve this is to stop viewing our phone or laptop within 2 hours of bedtime. Take sleep challenges with friends or colleagues and be responsible for each other at the beginning.

Spend 5 minutes every morning in a state of meditation, imagine positive people and things in your life, and express gratitude. This will help a peace of mind and improve happiness! This practice has completely changed my life, and I feel these benefits every day.

January is not only the beginning of the New Year, but also the time to return to work and school. What do you recommend to those who are busy, how can we stay energized and healthy?

Make food a medicine that protects the body and maintains high energy, especially during periods of high stress. Some of my top superfoods that add energy are: lemon, alfalfa, wheatgrass, avocado, broccoli sprouts, walnuts, chia seeds and cocoa. What you miss is just as important as what is in your body. Some of the biggest energy-consuming foods are sugar and refined carbohydrates. When we are under stress, our bodies tend to crave these precise foods, which will exhaust our vitality. Plan ahead by bringing a work or school healthier snack, such as a mixture of fresh fruit, vegetables or homemade nut trails.

I have been seeing “Vegetarian January” on the Internet. What advice do you have for those who decide to participate in this campaign, how to start and manage vegetarianism?

I believe in biological personality, which means that each of us has a unique make-up and will therefore benefit from different eating styles. Use trials and successful methods in food and maintain an open mind. If you are working on vegetarian food in January, or try any new diet, the key to success is planning ahead. This may include:
Make a basic weekly meal plan and provide groceries when needed
Use resources like blogs or recipes to find inspiration - our fingertips offer incredible delicious recipes. One of my favorite approachable vegetarian avant-garde blogs is Minimalist Baker. If you decide to eat vegetarian food, eat only pasta and tofu, your chances of success (and happiness) will drop.
Pack healthy snacks and choose fresh foods such as cut vegetables, soups, gossip mixes, etc. to keep your fuel, not in the craving mode, which can lead to the restoration of the old eating style.